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Eco store make plant and mineral based products that are good for you and good for our planet, without compromising on performance. This New Zealand based brand that was founded in 1993 has come a long way since then. Starting off with cleaning and dish products, the brand has since launched into body care, oral care, skin care, baby and kids products as well as bulk options.

The values of this company and the commitment to our planet and our health is what makes them so great. When we first came across their products we couldn’t wait to get them in store for you all to enjoy. Below we’ve details just a few of the reasons why you need to give their products a try.


Their plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and sustainable, made using sugar plastic which is created from sugarcane. As the sugar cane grows it removes carbon from the atmosphere, so by using sugar plastic, this in turn reduces the carbon footprint.


Eco store are continually innovating to improve their products to achieve the highest health, safety, and performance standards. We know it can be confusing when looking at the ingredients list of products but eco store work hard to ensure they only use ingredients you can trust. When you look at their ingredients list, you’ll find only gentle plant and mineral based ingredients, allowing you and your family to leave nasty chemicals out of your home.


We love that eco store really do have it all. Their product range includes laundry, dishwashing, cleaning, body wash, hand wash, soaps, hair care, oral care, skin care, baby care, kids care, as well as options for sensitive body and home care and bulk options!

Product Performance

Eco store products are all independently tested to ensure excellent results and an effective clean, without harmful chemicals. They test their products in a lab as well as in-house to make sure they do the job and that you’ll love them.

Eco store have well and truly earnt their reputation for making great products that are safer for you, your family and our world and we are so happy to have them stocked on our shelves.

Blog Brand Stories Eco Store02