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Brand Highlight – Pico Chocolate

Blog Brand Highlight Pico Chocolate01

Pico chocolate is a favourite among our customers and it’s no surprise why. We love everything these guys do, from their bright and fun packaging to their incredible flavours and smooth, delicious chocolate. Each of their blocks are: Vegan Certified Organic Ethically Sourced Fairtrade No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives No Emulsifiers These guys live

Brand Highlight – Coyo Kefir

Coyo Kefir 01

COYO isn’t a new brand to the scene but their Kefir drink is and we can’t get enough of it! Everything COYO create we love and this Kefir drink is up their with one of our favourites and is fast becoming a favorite among our shoppers. Overflowing with 15 billion live and active plant powered

Brand Highlight – Orange Glow

Brand Highlight Orange Glow03

We’ve been lucky enough to get the incredible Orange Glow pumpkins on our shelves and we can’t wait for you to try them! This unique variety of pumpkin is grown in rich, red volcanic soil bordering the pristine Daintree rainforest on the northeast coast of Queensland. This new variety of pumpkin has incredible attributes including:

Brand Highlight – Boks Bacon

Brand Highlight Boks Bacon01

Trust us when we say there’s bacon, and then there’s bacon. Boks Bacon is one that truly stands out from the crowd. The Boks family emigrated from Holland in the 1950’s, settling in Tasmania, where they opened a butchery. Using traditional Dutch methods and their family recipe that has been handed down from generation to

Brand Highlight – Heritage Breeds

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Yallamundi Heritage Breeds eggs, have you tried them yet? These white eggs are deliciously creamy and come from very happy hens! Homed amongst shady olive groves, Yallamundi hens have plenty of space to roam, scratch and explore the sun-dappled pastures. Feeding only on fresh pasture and a plant-based diet, these hens live as nature intended