Bangalow Sweet Pork

We are very excited to announce that we will now be stocking Bangalow Sweet Pork products on our shelves! This companies values and their commitment to producing premium pork products is something we are very passionate to get behind.

They have a very simple aim, that is, to produce the best quality and best tasting pork in Australia. Their products contain no added hormones and are antibiotic free. Plus, all the pork that Bangalow Sweet Pork produce is supplied by small Australian family farms that use sustainable agricultural practices because they understand that this has a positive impact on the flavour of the pork as well as the environment.

Another thing that we love about this company is their love for their livestock – They want their animals to live healthy and happy lives. All these factors combined result in pork that tastes the way it should – tender, juicy and full of flavour. Trust us when we say, it’s a difference you can taste.

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