Brand Highlight – Heritage Breeds

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Yallamundi Heritage Breeds eggs, have you tried them yet? These white eggs are deliciously creamy and come from very happy hens!

Homed amongst shady olive groves, Yallamundi hens have plenty of space to roam, scratch and explore the sun-dappled pastures. Feeding only on fresh pasture and a plant-based diet, these hens live as nature intended to produce the finest tasting eggs. Yallamundi Heritage Breeds combine traditional farming methods with innovative, ethical, and sustainable practices including mobile caravans, land regeneration, and the goal of being carbon-neutral and 100% solar powered by 2022. These eggs taste the way good eggs should, full of natural flavour and goodness.

Next time you’re in-store make sure you look out for these eggs; you really can taste the difference.