Cara Cara (Beloved) Now in Season

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The Red Cara Cara Oranges are in season and on the shelves at IGA Marketplace. From the outside, the Cara Cara may look like an ordinary Naval, but wait until you cut it open!

With a bright exterior and crisp citrus aroma, the Cara Cara boasts red flesh and an extremely sweet flavour with a tinge of raspberry or cranberry zing and a hint of cherry and rose. It is also low in acidity and is not sour like some other citrus fruits.

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Grown in the stunning Riverland region in South Australia, Venus Citrus is a third-generation family farm who bring together other growers to distribute the highest quality citrus on the market.

Their citrus is ‘Eco Citrus’, meaning it is grown as nature intended and without harming the environment, therefore the citrus is only available in season, from May to November. Venus Citrus is run by Peter Costi, who works closely with other local growers who share the same environmental philosophies and care for their properties and surroundings.

“Environmental is a whole farm approach, promoting sustainability and a future for the industry. The mighty River Murray is the lifeline of our local district. It is the home of native plants, animals, birds, fish and invertebrates,” said Peter Costi.

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“It supplies valuable water for towns, cities and our horticultural production. It must be looked after for generations to come. Our survival would not be possible without this element.”

We love stocking this brand of citrus in our IGA Marketplace locations as they support a more environmental, healthier and socially responsible food system.

Read more about Venus Citrus and their range of products on their website –