From market floor to you in store

We love heading to the markets on our regular trips, the buzzing energy around from the farmers and suppliers is our favourite way to start the day! The usual stop for us is the Brisbane Markets so we decided to share with you our process of bringing amazing produce from market floor to store in your local IGA Marketplace.

The early start is where it all begins and this ensures we get first pick and the highest quality.

We are passionate about supporting Australian farmers, and work with the same suppliers where we can as we know you love their produce. A big part of why we come to the markets ourselves is quality control – we don’t substitute.

Our partner in this process is Fruitlink, the leading wholesaler of fruit and vegetables and they play an integral role in the process by ensuring all produce is kept at the correct temperatures for the longest shelf life and best taste. Fruitlink’s produce is distributed through a purpose built 1800sqm refrigerated facility ensuring the cold chain is maintained through to your store to ensure you receive the freshest produce available with great shelf life.

From cold storage on the farms, to the transport, storage at the markets and then to our stores, the temperature is regulated through the whole process.

So next time you are selecting your apples, citrus, broccoli and potatoes – think of us up at dawn finding the best picks!

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