How to pick your Reed Avo

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This week we have Reed Avocados on special, and we’d love to tell you more about these globes of goodness. Our Reed Avocados are grown right here in Queensland and we’re in love with the quality and flavour of this variety of avo.

Often overlooked for the popular Hass Avo, the Reed Avo is larger and has rounder shape, smoother skin, and paler flesh. Their peak season is August to November and they stay green even when ripe.

Blog How To Pick Your Reed Avo02

We all know avocados are full of healthy ‘good’ fats which are essential in winter, but did you know they also contain fibre, folate, potassium, and vitamins K, E, and C?

You will know when a Reed Avocado is ready to eat by how it feels in the hand. Hold it in the palm and apply light pressure with your thumb – if it is rock hard it is not ready – you want to feel it soften slightly to know it’s perfect for eating.

Keep them on the counter or in the fruit bowl while you wait for it to ripen – or pop it next to the bananas to speed up the process!