Brand Highlight – Cape Grim Water


You may have heard us talk about Cape Grim before, an area in the northwest of Tasmania, surrounded by rugged coastlines, true wilderness, and rough seas, but also an area with the purest air in the world. We are lucky enough to stock Cape Grim Beef on our shelves and now we’ve got another Cape Grim product new to our shelves that we’re so excited about!

Cape Grim Water isn’t just your average bottled water. This water comes from an area of breathtaking beauty and the purest air in the world. And from the purest air comes pristine rain drops.

Cape Grim Water have been capturing this unique water in Tasmania for over 19 years. They have perfected their process to capture this precious drop. They capture the raindrops before they hit the earth so all that is needed is then to collect and filter. This is different from your regular spring water or bottled water that is collected from the ground. This collection process means that Cape Grim Water requires minimal filtration, meaning it holds the beneficial, naturally occurring minerals that would usually be lost.

Timing is everything when Cape Grim Water collect these precious drops. It rains up to 187 days a year in the Cape Grim area, and with careful attention and precise timing, they are able to only harvest the clearest water that falls over the pristine Cape Grim area.

Beautifully bottled, you can expect a clean, pure taste and neutral palate when drinking Cape Grim Water. Head in-store pick up a bottle and taste the difference.