Brand Highlight – Orange Glow

Brand Highlight Orange Glow03

We’ve been lucky enough to get the incredible Orange Glow pumpkins on our shelves and we can’t wait for you to try them! This unique variety of pumpkin is grown in rich, red volcanic soil bordering the pristine Daintree rainforest on the northeast coast of Queensland.

This new variety of pumpkin has incredible attributes including:

  • Very easy to cut
  • Edible skin
  • Very small seed cavity
  • Firm, dry flesh
  • Smooth texture and a rich, savory and wholesome pumpkin flavour.

As well as these attributes, this pumpkin also has incredible health benefits including:

  • 4 times more beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than any other type of pumpkin.
  • High in antioxidants
  • The seeds have over 30g pf protein per 100g

Agronomist and Daintree Fresh Director, Shaun Jackson, is the man behind this incredible pumpkin. His mission was to develop a pumpkin that was not only a nutritional ‘superfood’, but a vegetable that is simple to cook and that makes a delicious addition to any meal. After many years of natural breeding, Shaun developed Orange Glow pumpkins that we’re absolutely loving!

The rich, red volcanic soils where this pumpkin is grown allows for the crops to be farmed in the cleanest and greenest way possible. The sunny climate creates perfect growing conditions and allows for the crops to be grown in the most sustainable methods possible. Plus, with such red and fertile volcanic soil, it’s no wonder these pumpkins are so orange!

Next time you head in-store make sure you look our for this incredible new variety of pumpkin!