Brand Highlight – Roza’s Gourmet

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Roza’s Gourmet – this is one brand we’re sure you’ve seen on our shelves before, we absolutely love everything these guys do! Their delicious range consists of more than 50 products including varieties of mayonnaise, mustard, pesto, chutney, chilli sauces, soups, crackers and dips and we are lucky enough to have most of them on our shelves!

All their products are gluten free, made with fresh natural ingredients and free from artificial preservatives, just the way good food should be. In addition, most of their sauces are made with cholesterol-free oils and sweetened with bush honey, while all of their mayonnaise is made exclusively with fresh free-range eggs. As part of their range they have a lot of products that align with many lifestyle and dietary requirements, with plenty of vegan, dairy free and sugar free options within the range.

Roza’s story goes all the way back to 1991 when Roza would sell her gourmet sauces from the end of her driveway. Her philosophy of “the right sauce can turn any meal into a feast” is still what dives the business all these years later.

Next time you’re in-store make sure you take a look at all their incredible products, there really is something for everyone!