Brand Highlight – Coyo Kefir

Coyo Kefir 01

COYO isn’t a new brand to the scene but their Kefir drink is and we can’t get enough of it! Everything COYO create we love and this Kefir drink is up their with one of our favourites and is fast becoming a favorite among our shoppers.

Overflowing with 15 billion live and active plant powered probiotics per serve makes this drink a simple way to boost your gut health, improve digestion and build a stronger immune system. Plus is also loaded with prebiotics is dairy free, gluten free and made with all natural, organic ingredients. We’ll drink to that!

A great way to get probiotics into your diet, this delicious drink can be enjoyed sipped on its own, poured onto your breakfast granola, blended into your smoothie or substituted in place of milk, yoghurt or cream. With a selection of different flavours to choose from including mango, strawberry, vanilla and natural there is a flavour to suit everyone. Head in and pick up a bottle today, you’ll love every drop!